Since its establishment in 1999, iMeasure has been developing, manufacturing, and developing markets for special image scanners. Currently, infrared image scanners and ultraviolet fluorescence image scanners are used in the security market for research on cultural properties and banknote recognition. Electrophoresis Gel Stain Imager are used to analyze proteins and DNA. OrthoScan-IMAGER are used for digital archiving of high-definition images of buried cultural properties such as earthenwares, paintings, swords, etc., as well as image input devices for large drawings. In addition, in 2016, the company started its scanning services business by permanently installing a large image scanner in house. All employees will continue to do their utmost to achieve the company's founding aspiration of "produce new products based on the theme of “images” and with a focus on measuring".

iMeasure Inc.
Shuichi Ichinose
President and Representative Director

Corporate Philosophy

Image Measurement
Using digital images for measuring, recordkeeping and inheriting.

The company name, iMeasure, came from an ambition to produce new products based on the theme of “images” and with a focus on measuring.

We would like to contribute to society by applying our skills in the development of image scanners, our company’s core technology, to provide unique, innovative equipment, and services using that equipment.

< Detailed description >

Image scanners and digital cameras are typical types of highly precise inputting devices for two-dimensional digital images. Two features of image scanners are that they enable: (1) accurate recording of the dimensions of the subject (2) accurate recording of the color-related information of the subject due to the built-in light source, white reference plate and self-correcting mechanism. An image scanner has a digitizing function, whereby it records images such as drawings with a high degree of dimensional accuracy, and also functions as a densitometer and a transmittance meter, measuring the local concentration and transmittance of the subject with a high optical resolution, like an optical microscope; and as a chromometer.

Development of knowledge
We will contribute to the development of knowledge through digital technology and share that knowledge with the world.

iMeasure engages in activities that support artists – the creators of art works.

We will contribute to the development of knowledge and share that knowledge through the products and services that we provide.

< Detailed description >

Gutenberg invented printing technology. The reproduction of texts in large volumes and at low cost gave rise to writers writing full-time for a living and the flourishing of the culture of books. Edison invented the gramophone. The mass reproduction of music at low cost gave rise to musicians composing and performing music full-time for a living and the flourishing of the musical culture. A quarter of a century ago, EPSON invented a highly precise digital-image outputting technology in the form of the inkjet printer. The combination of that technology with the highly precise, contactless digital image-inputting device called “orthoscanner” invented by iMeasure has enabled the mass and low-cost reproduction of huge, intricate works of art, which were carefully drawn/painted by artists over a long period of time. iMeasure hopes that from now on more artists will be able to work full-time on creative endeavors and that a culture of art appreciation will flourish, and we are committed to engaging in activities that support artists.

Corporate mottoes

(1) iMeasure always provides the world’s most advanced quality in our products and services.

(2) Employees of iMeasure share the pride and joy of contributing to society through work, with our customers.

(3) iMeasure uses technology to respond flexibly to the changes and demands of our time.

Corporate History


Infrared Image Scanner


The Archaeological Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture

Fukuoka City Archaeological Center

Higashihiroshima City Educational and Cultural Promotion Agency, Cultural Heritage Center

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Kyushu National Museum

Yamanashi Prefectural Museum

Yamagata Prefectural Center for Archaeological Properties

Tohoku University of Art and Design,Institute for Conservation of Cultural property

Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo

Shizuoka Ise Katagami Research Institute, Tokiyo Gakuen Junior College, Inaba Laboratory

The University of Tokyo

Nagasaki Prefectural Archaeological Center

Kyushu Historical Museum(Fukuoka Prefecture)

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Teikyo University

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Yuelu College (Hunan Province, Changsha City)

Xinjiang Museum

Hunan Provincial Institute of Antiquities and Archaeology

Changsha Bamboo Slips Museum

Changsha City Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology

Tsinghua University

Chengdu Museum

Kemar Service Institute

Jingzhou Cultural Center

Shandong Provincial Museum

China Second Historical Library

Wuhan University Center of Textile Research


Academia Sinica

UV Fluorescence Image Scanner

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Electrophoresis Gel Stain Image Scanner

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Ishikawa Prefectural University

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Hokkaido University

Nagasaki University

Ehime University

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REALPIXEL image scanner

Large domestic precision equipment manufacturer

Image scanner for image measurement

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