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Chapter 1 General Provisions

(Company Name)
Clause 1 The Company shall be called iMeasure, Inc.

Clause 2 The purpose of the Company shall be to engage in the following business activities.

1. Planning, development, design, manufacture and sales of digital imaging input and output devices as well as education and training to improve the abilities of those selling such devices;
2. Planning, development, design, manufacture and sales of computer-based image processing systems as well as development training and consulting for this technology;
3. Planning, development, design, manufacture and sales of image measuring devices that use digital imaging input and output devices;
4. Planning, creation and sales of press publications;
5. Management of computer-based image distribution systems as well as image creation and sales.
6. All tasks related to the activities above.


(Total Initial Capital)
Clause 4 The total initial capital for the Company shall be 3 million yen.


Clause 6 Additional Provisions

(Initial Directors)
Clause 19 The initial directors shall be employee Shuichi Ichinose
and employee H.Ichinose, and Shuichi Ichinose shall be President and Representative Director.


The articles above were drawn up for the purpose of incorporating iMeasure Inc.,
and the employees shall sign and affix their seals as shown below.

August 30, 1999

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